Phantoms of Yesteryear

by Welkins Boreal

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Nocturnal mist falls down like the shroud from a ghost of centuries past I walk alone through the monuments of remembrance My bones chill as I envision my accuser stepping on my grave I ponder the question: ‘When will he come after me?’ I don’t trust in redemption and now I’m sure I never will Touched by indifference, touched by the hand of fate unseen Gardens of stone become a monument of my mortality There is no heaven Hell has always been right here with me Death is not the end Perhaps a gate to sleep eternal I shall begin my journey to the unknown Calmness enthrals me I see the beauty of her soothing face I sense the footfall as she enters and takes me by my hand Her shroud leads me slowly across the misty river Styx I am at peace now In love with the eternal rest to be My chilling friend You come for me Unhallowed end The rest to be Calm as you come for me I come undone right as your hand touches me
I dream of a river valley Where reflections in blue waters echo my face without a veil Where time leaves no marks and I’m free to pursue The quest that I fear is bound to fail Are you there? I dream of a river valley A paradise without past where I’m free to speak my mind One day I feel you in the breeze The next I tread an endless path Yet I know our fates are intertwined I’ll meet you there I will find the way Riding a cloud of thunder My soul carried to the sky I see your beacon even in the darkest of nights For long I have wandered But you know I am just the fool Seeking you for another thirteen moons Like Icarus I reach towards your sun Only to fall down with melted wings But I’m invincible and rise again Prepared to face whatever fate will bring The beacon stays alight
Apparition 04:02
A day of apathy turns into a restless night Chasing a ghost from the past I transcend the mortal life I roam the labyrinth of shadows from dusk ‘til dawn Dreading the thought of facing another sunrise forlorn Feeling my way through the shadows of the night Pondering whether I should feel sad or contrite I’d welcome oceans rising Stars falling and worlds dying Anything to see you once more One last chance for a goodbye I’d welcome a lasting eclipse Cities drowning in flames Anything to hold you once more And tell you all the things we never had had time for You were falling apart and I couldn’t put you back together Any attempt to reason with you – you seemed to know better You tempted your demons rolling the dice of your life I watched you up the stakes and lose night after cursed night Every restless night I’m out there looking for you I catch a fleeting glimpse but then you disappear Every restless night I seek what I once knew Wandering in search of a phantom of yesteryear
Sethian Seal 05:02
‘Wander in peace O Great Pharaoh to the land of Osiris in the west No-one will disturb your peace without punishment The brotherhood will guard your rest’ After weeks of toil at their campaign Seven men in search of fortune and fame Discovered an ancient gate to the underworld Predictions of a curse left them unconcerned ‘Be warned vile intruders to never break this seal Let the god on Earth rule this hall in peace Do not defy the curse of the Netherworld’ The seal broken they entered the murky crypt Scorning the words of peril in the ancient script Holy relics and treasure their abundant plunder An act of sacrilege that tore their lives asunder For two weeks they enjoyed basking in fame Until the leader fell into a coma and could not be saved He had defied the curse of the Netherworld It wanted them dead The curse of the Netherworld The Sethian seal The terror did not end at the leader’s demise For it went on until all the plunderers had died Tormented in the afterlife by the curse of the Netherworld
Discordia 04:51
A broken soul like mine can never reach the truth Wonder where I took the wrong turn in the bewilderment of youth At first I only knew your friendly façade Your choice of words was shrewd and made me lower my guard In this city of broken hearts I will never find my way Lost in the maze of its streets Each dead end heightening my dismay That it wasn’t always my fault dawned on me too late The privilege was solely yours to belittle and berate The devious games you played corroded my inside The web you wove around me sucked out the last of my pride The feeling of self-loathing was yours to impart Ill-advised affection caused the dying of my heart The pinnacle of life I thought I stood up there with you Far before the top I had fallen down
Thelemite 03:51
On cloudless frosty nights The oath of the full moon calls me My heart pounds faster and bestial instincts arise I’m refusing to bow Looking at your world, I raise my howl Without hesitation I vow to advance its demise I have it in my heart I have it in my soul The downfall of mankind With the force of anger unstoppable I’m killing the human inside I have it in my heart I have it in my soul A dark mysterious force Don’t feel heavenly grace but infernal might Don’t know mercy or remorse ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ Weaklings never succeed, never oh no! The nights I gather anger The days I hide the need Just waiting for dusk to come and freezing cold to arrive
I stare at the wall Waiting for the dusk Every day with growing fear Frightful of resting my head and closing my eyes For if I fall asleep, she will appear The moment I fall asleep, my spirit embarks on a journey I feel her cold fingers take my arm and guide me Through the clouds of the nocturnal sky Over forests and hills we now fly Until we land on a glade where bleak shadows gather at twilight The shadows mass in the night for their macabre ballet At the unholy portals to the underworld Awaiting the condemned, whom they cannot forgive To send them where the eternal fires burn Like every night we stand at the edge of the glade Watching the shadows instigating a sombre parade Processions of condemned souls, resigned to meet their fates Silently advancing to the obsidian gates So many nights this dream has haunted my sleep Yet by dawn she always takes me back to reality But now she unveils herself and condemns me to my fate The shadows chant my name and drag me to the gates aflame
The city lights reflect the ghosts of yesterday Lurking behind every corner Memories of sunny days that seem like years ago No longer make me feel any warmer The cold grey jungle greets me with sullenness A thousand staring eyes pushing me towards nothingness Watching the burning angels that god has sent I balance on the edge approaching the end Trapped in a corner I’m unable to move, I brood Just demons as my fellows All that is left for this stale silhouette of a man Is the anxiety of chasing shadows Drowning in my fears You’re always there when you’re needed here
Autumnal frost my long-missed friend The snow kisses gentle and cold I’ll watch here alone as the centuries pass Frozen, I mock your sad world I’m raising my colours against the sky This sacred boreal place Console me when it’s me alone out here The sky watches me bid farewell The sanctity of these forgotten lands The mountains imposing and strong Solitude eternal, I’ll know more than you You can’t begin to understand I raise my voice and heed my brothers to make This border our final stand Tears frozen down yet the anger still burns We’ll live covered here forevermore I wear my sorrow like a shroud against my skin Sheltered from the hollow man Cast into the world like unborn, aeons old Know more than you will ever dream


released September 19, 2019

Recorded at Studio Witchmansion between January 2019 and July 2019. Mixed and mastered June-July 2020.

Produced by Welkins Boreal.

The original versions of ‘Apparition’, ‘Discordia’, ‘I Approach the End’ and ‘Thirteen Moons’ appeared on the 2000 Nattvind album ‘Subuniverses’; the remaining songs on the 1996 Nattvindens Gråt album ‘Chaos Without Theory’. All songs have been revised, re-arranged and re-recorded for the current album with permissions from the original songwriters.

All music arranged and performed by Welkins Boreal with the following exceptions:

Guitar solos on ‘Sleep Eternal’, ‘Discordia’ and ‘Dance of Nightly Shadows’ developed and performed by Markku Kaustia.

Keyboards on ‘Sethian Seal’ arranged and performed by Gary Weazel.

Guitar leads in ‘Thirteen Moons’ and ‘Sethian Seal’ inspired by the guitar solos developed and performed by Risto Puukko in the original 1996 and 2000 recordings of those songs.

Artwork by Pavel Kurbanov of All4Band Design.


all rights reserved



Welkins Boreal Finland

The gothic metal of Welkins Boreal combines catchy rocking melodies, heavy guitar riffing, melancholic keyboards and baritone vocals.

Fans of bands such as Sentenced, To/Die/For, Ghost and Charon should feel right at home here.

The band was founded in 2018 in Helsinki, Finland, as a reincarnation of Nattvindens Gråt, which released three albums 1995-2000.
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